Frequently Asked Questions

We are a company that is fully licensed and insured.
The reservation process within our company is so easy. You are free to call us at any time within our working hours and our sales team will help you with your moving project. After discussing with any member of our team you can proceed on reading the terms and conditions on our website. The next step is just to finalize the reservation on our website and receive a confirmation letter with all the details regarding your move.
The policy of our company is not to have any hidden fees or costs. The rate that we’ll provide to you includes everything.
Our team is trained to finish the move as fast as possible. Anyway, there are some ways to accelerate it. If you’ll pack your belongings by yourself, and place them in one space that will really help us. Keeping away kids and pets also will shorten the time of the move.
The customer pays just for the work time. During the cigarette or lunch breaks, the crew stops to calculate the time.
Tipping always depends on the customer’s wish. It is not a requirement, but we are happy to receive them.

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