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So, you’re making your decision – that of moving to Sacramento County. Maybe you already have a job or found a suitable house, but now you need to get there. You should consider a full-service company like California Movers. The moving companies in Sacramento CA you choose can make a difference when deciding whether your move is a success or a disaster.    

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As the capital of California, it’s no surprise that Sacramento is one of the best places to move. With its rich cultural history and progressive spirit, much can be gained by migrating to this thriving city in the Central California Valley. But when you decide to move to another county, the right Sacramento moving company must be selected for a pleasant and uneventful transition.

Although the region was Native American for many years, Sacramento was founded by two immigrants from Switzerland in 1839. The city grew rapidly and was appointed capital in 1854. Today, Sacramento attracts people from all corners of the world thanks to its colorful and attractive history of eclectic culture.

Many people love the Old Bridge, which has streets and alleys from the earliest days in the city. There are also many schools in the city, including Sacramento State University. There are many museums and entertainment centers, and the city has a Sacramento Kings group.

Moving to Sacramento is an excellent choice if you are considering a move to the City of Gold. Sacramento is the capital of California and holds some of the best jobs in the world. When you go to Sacramento, you can find some of the best weather conditions, tropical climates, and delicious vegetables.

Sacramento covers 99.77 square kilometers. With a population of over 513,625, this vibrant city has a rich cultural and social heritage, making it a wonderful place to travel.    

Sacramento is an affordable city, and Sacramento has a lower cost of living compared to other cities in California, making it one of the cheapest. It’s one of the best places to live, especially for people who want to enjoy the wonderful life of California on a budget.    

The cost of living in Sacramento is cheaper than in most other parts of California. The average cost of residential property added costs and accommodation is cheaper than the national average. Housing costs are about half the average of California. The city has a rich history, it has many beautiful landscapes, it has many rivers and lakes, it is the capital, so there are many activities, the streets are triangular, the culture is different, and the city is compact. Weekend tours. Life in Sacramento makes a lot of sense. Moving to Sacramento is a big step. 

  • Population: 513625 (estimated for 2019)   
  • Official language: English (de facto) and Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Filipino, speaking at least 1%.
  • The GDP per capita: $ 61776 (2019 estimate)
  • Currency: US Dollars (US $).
  • River Park, East Sacramento, and Land Park are protected areas.  
  • River Park Boulevard is culturally enriching.
  • Sacramento schools are known to be very good.
  • Land Park has the best labor market.
  • Boulevard Park is the cheapest place.


Boulevard Park – A Park Boulevard built on grass and runners. In 1905, the land was sold to real estate developers. After World War II, many emigrated. It is considered a suitable place to stay with 3 schools and four public places, full of shops and parks.                              

River Park – This is a part of Sacramento that is considered ideal for families and relatives with their dogs. The area is safe compared to the lighted streets at night. River Park is considered a friendly community, with its triangular streets and many farmhouses, with few restaurants.                     

East Sacramento – Due to its thriving parks and streets, East Sacramento has a large rose garden and a vibrant food scene. This part of the world is a very family-friendly place with lots of shops and restaurants. It is safe and home to some of the best schools in the area, well worth considering.                                                

Newton Booth – Newton considers Booth the best place and then fills it with parks, cafes, and restaurants. Very suitable for young professionals and young families, the streets are wooded and far from noisy places in the city.                                      

Curtis Park – This place is home to Sacramento celebrities and has many Victorian-style features. With quiet streets and the pace of life, this could be a suitable place if you want to raise your family in the right place.                        

Land Park: The place is full of activities and a more relaxed atmosphere than any other place. There are many shops within walking distance, and while the cost of living is a bit higher, you get what you pay for.                            

Sierra Oaks – There are food stalls in this beautiful area within walking distance. Sierra Oaks is known not only for its secrecy but also for its pleasant atmosphere. It is considered one of the best places to live in California, and this place has quality property and is perfect if you want to start a family.                     

The Westlake: The Westlake is genuinely nice with easy access to the airport. Westlake is considered the safest place in the area and is one of the cheapest because of the excellent job market and beautiful homes.                


  • Get free cardboard boxes – in most shops, you can use their discarded cardboard boxes. You can then get them for free. But see if they are durable.  
  • Choose smart – there are cheap movers in Sacramento, you just have to find them.
  • Moving Order – pack ahead and use multiple smaller trucks.
  • Sell your things – save money with this. In addition, you can better plan your new home. There will be small side boxes everywhere, otherwise.
  • Choose the best day and travel time – cheaper to travel at night. In addition, half a week saves money. 
  • Fast shipping: consider how long packing takes. So, start at the beginning. You have more time to plan properly.

These tips are sure to help you get to Sacramento safely and save money.


Traveling to California can help you move your business to a remote location. Our prices are very reasonable, we supply free estimates for the entire migration process, and we promise no hidden costs. Our movers from Sacramento, CA, have many years of experience, and we believe the process will be easier when the same staff will pack and load your belongings in your new home or office.           

In nearby Silicon Valley, Sacramento will be a prominent place to network with other businesses. The city is ranked 10th in the country in terms of new facilities, higher than Oakland 14 and San Diego at 16. Many businesses are fleeing the Bay Area due to the prohibitive cost of choosing real estate and a city instead. Approximately 24,000 people move to Sacramento from the Bay Area each year.               

We have skilled people here. 34.3% of the population has a university degree. Companies have many talents to choose from.


Normal office space is growing in Sacramento. Such places allow small business owners or freelance journalists to work in the office without paying a high price. Such places are ideal for those who want to meet a customer or have a meeting.

Here are some of the best places in Sacramento:

  • Esquire Tower, 1215 K Street, 95814  
  • The West Bank Tower, 500 Capitol Mall
  • Sacramento Office, 333, University Ave
  • Wells Fargo Center, 400 Capitol Mall
  • 61 Fulton Avenue, Arden Arcade
  • 180 Road Circle Board, North Sacramento


If you are moving to Sacramento, we are here to help. You can choose one or more of our award-winning services so that your movement is smooth and tailored to your needs. California Express is here for you.

Moving to Sacramento     

We specialize in long-distance commuting to and from Sacramento County. Our fully equipped vehicles ensure that your goods stay safe, no matter how long they last. Additionally, we’re some of Sacramento’s best piano movers.

Whether you are moving to another part of Sacramento County or within 100 miles, take advantage of our wonderful local services. Our team of experts works quickly and efficiently to get you fully set up, so you can enjoy your new location. Have everything ready for men’s night, with Sacramento’s most prominent pool table movers.

Sacramento commercial relocation     

If you are looking for office relocation, you have come to the right place. Our priority is to ensure the safe transfer of office supplies, essential equipment, and documentation from one place to another.

What Comes Included With Every Move

  • Transparent Prices

    All-inclusive flat rates, low hourly rates for local moves: no taxes, no hidden fees, overtime compensated by the company.

  • Packing Materials

    Free use of Wardrobes, TV boxes, Speed packs. Our crew will be happy to provide full packing assistance when required.

  • Blankets & Plastic

    Moving blankets to protect wood surface furniture. Upholstered furniture will be covered with plastic so it stays clean.

  • Moving Equipment

    Clean moving trucks with liftgates, professional moving dollies. Floor runners and door covers for property protection.

  • Assembly Services

    Every truck is equipped with a toolset, and our movers can provide regular furniture assembly services on daily basis..

  • What else is included?

    Basic coverage. No additional fees for stairs, long hallways, hoisting. No mileage/gas fees for moves under 10 miles.

Move here to Sacramento

Get in the right place for those who need help with transportation, but don’t need any of our trucks. If necessary, we can aid you with a portable or rental car, or aid you with your vehicle. Our moving agents can supply other useful services, such as porter delivery, professional packaging, and mobile furniture.

The elderly go to Sacramento, too

We love helping our clients move in and make it a unique experience, as an entry to our great community! Our travel trainers ensure a smooth ride and supply special service to our clients.

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