How to Move a Piano, Painting, and More Specialty Items

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It can be stressful to move heavy items from point A to B. It can be incredibly stressful to move all your personal belongings to a new location. For most people, this can be more tasking than divorce or a breakup. Moving usually involves a change of scenery with a new job, new friends, school, church, and new neighbors. Then you must worry about getting all your items from one point to another.

This usually involves large and heavy items that can be stressful. You will need to look for a way to pack, transport, and protect your items. This means too many moving parts.

Moving a piano during a move

On average, a piano can weigh more than 500 pounds. Then again, this is such an expensive item that probably costs more than every other item that you are moving. This means that you must be cautious, and make a good arrangement when moving it. For you to complete this move successfully, you will need to buy enough moving blankets. You can get heavy-duty tape for moving to help with securing the blankets throughout the whole piano. This can be used to help protect your piano as you move it.

It will also protect your staircases and hardwood flooring. You can get a good house moving company to help you move this item. Piano and art moving should be done with experienced finesse. Therefore, you should choose a good moving company with all the resources to help you move any piano, furniture, or art. When moving your pianos, you should be careful with their parts. Locate the pedals and keys of the piano and ensure that you pad and tape them down.

You can get professional packing services to help you move the piano. They can help you measure out the doors, staircases, and hallways. This will help you ensure that it fits right through. You could think of adding padding to the floors and hallways for added protection. Furthermore, you should get a good dolly which will help you cope with the weight of the piano. You can provide more security by strapping the piano with a skid board. Ensure that you make a clear path leading from your piano through to the door at the front. Ensure that you clear furniture or boxes from the way.

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Moving by yourself can be risky

It can be risky when you are trying to move all by yourself. You might want to consider getting packing services that specialize in helping people move pianos. The professional piano movers should have current and excellent moving insurance which should be used to act as a cover for the piano to stop it from getting damaged while being moved. Specialized movers come with all the right equipment and tools to help you safely transport pianos of all sizes and shapes.

When you estimate the cost of moving your items across the country, the best long-distance moving companies help you move your items safely and cheaply. Depending on your location and the number of items that you have with you, the costs will vary, but it is usually affordable.

Moving your vehicle

If you have a car, you might find yourself driving across the country to move it to your new home. If you must drive a long distance, ensure that you completely turn up the vehicle. Ensure that you change up the oil before embarking on the road trip. Make sure you do a lot of things. Consider getting the best long-distance moving companies to help you move.

Moving your vehicles usually involves using a utility vehicle trailer. You can either buy one or rent one. This is a lot safer than hooking up the car to the truck hitch. You should ensure that the moving company that you chose for the car has insurance.

To help reduce transportation costs, you can get your vehicle moved to a city nearby. You can then pick it up after completing the move process. You could incur added fees if you store the car for a long time. This is a much cheaper possibility than having the car dropped off at your driveway.

For long-distance moves, energy and time can be saved when you get a moving service to move your items. They have the best and safest packaging items to help you move your items.

Moving bathroom furniture and hot tubs

Moving your hot tubs

It can be such a challenging task to move out your hot tubs that you will be left feeling like you never had one. Many homeowners usually leave their hot tubs, preferring to sell them. However, you shall be needing your hot tub when you get home. It should make you relax properly when you get to your new home.

This can be done by yourself, but you will likely need to get some help. You will need to get 4 strong men and 4-wheel dollies for the job. Then again, for added safety, you will need to get moving straps.

You will need to measure out your tub to ensure that it fits the truck bed or moving van. You will then disconnect all the accompanying power connections of the tub. You can secure the hot tub’s power cable. This can be used to prevent accidents resulting from dangling cables. Completely shut off its water supply and get all the water drained out. This should be done professionally.

Get your friends to help you move out the tub. Get them and lift the tub as much as you can. Place a dolly in the front and the other one at its back. Use moving straps to secure down the tub before you can then roll it to your van.

You should not move the tub all by yourself to avoid hurting yourself in the process. On average, most hot tubs weigh approximately 900 pounds. It can still hurt you despite having support.

However, if you feel overwhelmed, you can consider hiring professional hot tub movers that will help you with the moving process. You could get highly rated moving companies that have the resources to move such large and heavy items.

Need to move everything? Hire a professional

If you feel that you must move off everything, this might be the right time to hire a professional mover. While you might have some knowledge of moving pianos and artworks, it can be rewarding to get a professional mover to get the job done for you.

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