Moving from California to New York

Move out from California to New York city

Moving from California to New York can be one big hassle. This is not just a cross-country move or an interstate move. It is a move from one end of the USA to the other. This means that you shall be covering several states in your journey and this might lead to several stops. To this end, you will want to plan seriously for this trip not to leave any stone unturned. This guide shows you how best to go about your move.

Getting started on your journey

After you have had the movers’ quotes and chosen a reliable mover from many moving companies, you might want to consider several things.

Create a moving plan early enough

Moving with top country movers across the USA means that you must be on your toes. Try to plan months ahead of time. It is ideal to stay ahead of things here. Try to remember any deadline for school enrollment or things to be installed before certain periods. These important to-do tasks should be kept in a primary file. This will give you a chance for quick references as you move your items. It is recommended that you try to move in the off-season. Many people prefer to move during the summer which makes moving around certain terrains around your new home tricky. Moving should be down in fall or spring as you still have pleasant weather. This can also help you move for less with a hired mover.

Get a suitable moving company

It is important to consider the top movers with years of experience in long-distance home moving. This important change in your life should be given all the importance and priorities that it deserves. Therefore, you should get a reliable moving company to do this. professional top country movers will help you package and move your valuable items. They will do this in such a way that the items will not become damaged as you move to New York.

Relax from work to focus on the move

You’re likely moving to change jobs. This means that your employers can take your starting date as a reference point. People changing their locations for their present employer could stay about one or two days away from work. This will give them the time they need to resume work fully with refreshed energy.

Packing furniture for moving out

Dispose of some of your items

While sorting out your items, be sure to sort out all the items that you can do without. You could throw them away, donate them, or recycle them. Lighter items will make your unpacking process easy when you arrive in New York.

Sorting your items by category

Before storing all your items into boxes and packages, you might want to create an inventory list that consists of all items that you are moving. This will help you save time when you arrive in New York. You can also confirm your list by checking all items on the list as you arrive.

If you stay in your home currently. You should assemble all items according to each room. The item category should be written down at the side of every box. This gives you enough visibility when unpacking or you could just use clear containers to make things more visible. You could use stickers that are color-coded on the boxes to distinguish kitchen boxes from these for the bedrooms.

Other important things to consider, include:

  • Make all boxes have your last name
  • Write down the boxes that have fragile items
  • Take a picture of large electronics such as a TV before unplugging them. This gives you a sense of how they can be connected.
  • About two/three weeks before moving, begin to pack little items every day. This will help you save some time.
  • Ensure that you clean out all deposit boxes, storage units, or gym lockers in your present house.

Get a separate box for your essentials

When moving to New York with top movers in the country, it is always a good thing to plan how certain items will be delivered. When you know that certain items will not be at your location until certain weeks, you may want to think about packing your suitcase or box of important items that might not arrive at your destination after some time. This is known as the “open first” moving box. The things that make up these essentials include:

  • New clothes to change into
  • Chargers for laptops and phones
  • Bath towels
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • A conditioner and shampoo.

These essentials when they have been taken care of will help make things easy when moving to New York from the West Coast. This will help you settle faster. One more tip: you must have tool boxes and toilet paper which could be useful when you get to the new location.

Move to your new home

Changing to your new home address

This is a crucial step in your cross-country move. You may want to register the address of your new home in the office of the US Postal Service. This should be done no less than a week before your planned move. Then again remember to try and distribute your new address with family and friends.

Try updating your new documents

In addition to registering the address of your new home, it is also essential that you update important documents like your voter’s registration and the driver’s license. Look for the closest office of the registration authorities and do the registration a few weeks after you arrive in New York. Collect health information from everyone in your family and keep important documents (ID cards, passports, etc.) on the move.

Creating time for your old/new friends

This time you will need to see the people that are on the West coast before leaving for New York. This is a sort of farewell and could be anything from a simple discussion to a night party. You will also have to start a new relationship with the people that live around your home. You could try to meet them within one month after you arrive in New York.

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