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Pianos are some of the most beautiful instruments known to man. But as amazing as they are for music, they can be exceedingly difficult to move. Pianos have routinely been one of the reasons why movers were called in the first place. But what makes them especially difficult to move, should you invest in movers, how much will it cost, and is it worth it? As all these questions may crop up, we’ve decided to briefly describe the types of services we provide and let you decide whether it’s worth your time.

Moving is no small feat on its own, after all, so why make it more difficult by trying to transport something so problematic to move in general. The truth is, sometimes the best way to transport antique pianos, without damaging anything, is through a crane to the window. While this might be an exception, it should give you an image of the lengths piano enthusiasts will go to preserve their family inheritance or prized possession. Let’s start with one of the main reasons why moving your piano with the help of professional movers and packers might be worth your time. 

Professional piano movers in Los Angeles

Intricate inner workings

Pianos are notorious for detail and work that goes into both constructing and supporting them. A qualitative piano will last for decades, provided it is taken diligent care of. While they might need some tuning, the genius of this instrument is its unchanging nature – once it’s installed and taken care of, it should keep producing excellent music for as long as necessary. Moving it means taking that guarantee in your hands, and having to be incredibly careful with it. Nobody wants to break something so important, much less the owner. 

The piano holds strings that are attached to mechanisms, all of which are connected firmly, yet are individually fragile. If overuse can damage them, what do you think turning it over will do? When moving a piano, it’s heavily recommended to get a specialized piano moving company. Regular moving companies, who aren’t trained in moving pianos will often refuse to move the piano altogether, knowing how easily it may get damaged or dysregulated. Naturally, this will incur significant costs down the line when you will have to fix it up. An investment into moving it guarantees that you won’t have to pay potentially bigger costs down the line.


When moving a piano, exceptional care needs to be given to the way it works: turning it over, moving it too quickly or any sharp drops could significantly damage the inside mechanisms which keep it working. However, on the other hand, pianos are massive. They easily weigh more than a single human can typically carry, and require twice the hands to move it, as it needs to be kept stable throughout the moving process.

Add to it the fact that they’ve got a giant frame, and even getting them through the door without risking significant costs down the line isn’t a simple task. Express Moving Van Lines are piano movers from California who know all the details involved in transporting a piano without a scratch, dent, or affecting its functionality at all. And that’s a guarantee! 

When planning your move, consider the piano completely dealt with if you hire professionals to handle it. It’s going to free up a lot of your resources and you will be able to move to your best extent, without any undue stress.

Considering their size, accidents are both likely and dangerous, potentially having significant consequences to an individual’s health. Protect yourself and your loved ones by appealing to specialists.

Professional piano moving company in California


If you’re moving a piano, you must want it to be able to play it well into the future. Well, mistakes during the move could potentially permanently affect the piano’s quality: sometimes, the repairs could cost more than buying a new one. As a result, if you want to make sure the quality of the songs never changes, and there are no newfound dead notes during play, the safest and sanest approach would be to handle it with our help.

We’ll secure it during the move, during the drive, and ensure that it is placed precisely where you want it, and how you want it, so you can avoid any unnecessary surprises. Especially true for performers by trade, this approach ensures you can continue practicing and performing at your best, by keeping your piano well taken care of. A team of Los Angeles piano movers is exactly who you’re looking for, as there’s no shortage of experience moving pianos here.

Trade secrets

By moving your piano with an experienced, trained, and licensed piano moving company, you’re receiving help from the breadth of trade secrets and expert knowledge that comes with that. Sometimes a small adjustment can mean the difference between safety and danger and knowing where that line lies, and what to avoid is exactly the kind of information you should be looking for.

And if you decide to move your piano in the future yourself, now you will be privy to all the ways that piano moving can be done, which protect it along the ride. It’s a great learning experience, and we encourage you to try it out if you believe you’re ready to undertake such a challenging task. However, we will always recommend consulting a professional first, as it is the safest approach.

Finding the right piano movers for your move doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Money is king, so get your moving quotes and compare them to ours – we’re almost certain to price match them if you find any lower! We believe in delivering the highest possible level of service, for as low a cost as possible, which is why we want you to get the best deal available.

Our experts will guide you through the quotation process and discuss your various payment possibilities, which will simplify your task. Relax and let us handle it, and you won’t regret it!

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