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Moving even across short distances is often met with a few complex decisions. Experts in the field know that regardless of the size of the move, several vital components go into it that can easily make or break the experience. You want to be careful, considerate, have a good eye for detail, and pay attention to several schedules at the same time. 

Even more importantly, you need to make sure that the people that are helping you move will be there for you, no matter what happens. A trustworthy team of professionals to handle whatever the move can throw at you is the best way forward. Short is cheap – but don’t be fooled into thinking that means it’s simple! Moving through California is the perfect way of seeing a new side of your home that you may not have noticed otherwise. New neighbors, new friends, and new opportunities! Who says you can’t build your dream life a couple of feet away from the place you’ve lived in previously?

Here’s what you need to know, going into your short-distance move:

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It’s cheaper!

As the distances are smaller, and the number of things to pack and move decreases, so do the prices. This means that a full move, with everything included, that happens within the same general area will be a wonderful way to save costs, compared to moving across great distances. When moving across states, there are a few added costs that can crop up, plus the need for dedicated moving vehicles, which will be better suited for traveling across large distances.

All that means for you, is that it will be exceptionally good for you financially! And, if you’re leading a busy life, like most in California, you will love the savings you’ll have by letting professionals handle the move. Don’t forget – there are many hidden costs that your movers are paying for during the move, from time to vehicle maintenance, gas money, and professional ability, not to mention insurance. 

Simpler on you

Ever wanted to have one of life’s greatest challenges just vanish, and have it solved ahead of time? That’s what moving with professionals feels like. Moving is often considered one of life’s great challenges. It’s stressful, difficult, time-consuming, and often frustrating, as things you hold dear might get lost, broken, or damaged. 

Escape all these issues with one quick call! Express Moving Van Lines are the short-distance movers you’ve been looking for. With great benefits all around, we’ll make your moving worries outdated. Enjoy moving, for the first time in your life, as all you need to do is decide what gets moved where, at what time, and how it will go down – you’re in control. 

Worried about packing time? Unsure of the practical details involved in the move? Trouble finding proper parking? Don’t worry – let professionals handle it for you.

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Keep the things you love safe

If you’ve got a favorite couch, antique clock, or even piano, please don’t try to move them yourself! Things get damaged while moving all the time, which is where seasoned experts come in, to make sure that not only is everything done according to the best practices, but it’s also in steady hands.

All moves are done with insurance and guarantees – so you can feel certain that your favorite things will come unharmed to their destination. It’s vital when transporting things that have a difficult size, weight, or are fragile, as one tiny mistake during packing might mean insurmountable repair costs and undue stress.

Even as you move across small distances, you must pay good attention to your surroundings, and keep everything as steady as possible during the move. Cities like to throw surprises, so having someone there who is vigilant and careful will do you a world of good.

Get the exact service you want

When moving with Express Moving Van Lines, you get the short-distance moving services you’ve always dreamed of! Everything is tailored to your specific needs, from how often you need to contact us to the packing material used. Decide which parts of the move you want to do yourself, and where you would need a helping hand – and we’ll be excited to help you move in any way we can.

With an extensive number of moving supplies available, trucks to lease, or even full-service moving experience, there’s something for everyone, regardless of how specific. Get the quote, and then adjust it with the help of our professionals to make sure you’re getting precisely what you were looking for.

Hate packing? We could pack your entire house, according to your exact requirements. Would you like us to move across a certain path, or at the last minute? There are several arrangements we could make to make it a reality. Everything is up to you.

Get the best deals

When moving a short distance, you might think that searching for “short distance moving companies near me” will show you the cheapest options, but that’s not always the case! When competition is low, prices often rise without needing to. That’s why our company offers short distance moving throughout California for highly competitive prices we’re sure you’ll like!

Move your things affordably, and get the quality of service you deserve. With our company, you’re certain to experience the best experience moving can offer.

By selecting your tailored service package, you’ll be able to decide for yourself which costs are necessary, and which merely serve to inflate the price. We know there’s always something good around the corner, which is why you should always bring up cheaper quotes with our experts. We’ll try to price-match most of the time, although our prices are hard to beat!

Have the advantage of years of experience on your side, by letting professionals handle your move. Be impressed by how a short-distance move can become a non-issue over one phone call. 

Are you moving local or long-distance? Get your quote quick. It is free and there is no obligation to proceed. Comprehensive estimates and professional consultations.

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