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Moving across states – what could be more exciting! It’s almost like visiting a new country. You will have the opportunity to learn about its history, notorious events, and odd museums, as well as see the beautiful natural parks, lakes, and other places to rest in. Enjoy the new people, worry-free, by getting the help of professional movers.

Picking the right state-to-state movers will help you make the experience feel effortless, and improve your wellbeing throughout the entire process of the move. It is normally a stressful and highly unpleasant experience, to have something go wrong during the move. Unfortunately, it happens in most cases, as the process is challenging and requires a lot of things to go right at the same time. That’s why having professionals on hand, who have extensive experience with moving people just like you, will do your sanity a world of good.

But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, here are some convincing reasons why choosing to get the help of movers when moving across states is the way to go for most people. Also, keep reading to find out the best State to State moving tips.

Professional state to state movers

Time saved

One of the biggest concerns you should have during the move is simply how long it takes – a move across state lines typically takes half a day or more. That’s an incredible amount of time to spend in a car, truck, or van. This means that when moving, you’re already going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to the sheer experience of it. 

Add to it the chance that something starts going wrong, and you might see why long-distance and local movers have become a nationwide necessity. Consider the amount of time you will spend, and ask yourself whether it’s worth it. After all, this time could be spent doing several things: relaxing, spending time with the important people in your life; even working would often be preferable, as you’ll make back part of the money spent on movers.

How much you value your time should inform you how much you value the service movers provide.

A streamlined experience

When moving further than usual, there are several added moving concerns that you should keep at the forefront. One of which is the packing process – it’s a difficult, time-consuming, and ultimately frustrating activity, given that you will have to undo it all once you arrive. For many, finding time to pack means sacrificing many evenings, weekends, and, if time is truly short, even taking time off from work.

Additionally, you will need to work through the coordination of the move: when exactly must you move out, when are you moving in, which path are you taking and how to organize it all best. Add to it the plan B scenarios to consider, such as what to do should something get damaged during the move, what if the car breaks down and what if you need to store your belongings somewhere for a while, and you’ll notice the details can very quickly get overwhelming.

One of the greatest advantages that California movers can offer you, is that they will take care of everything for you. If your head starts hurting just thinking about all these things, know that it doesn’t have to – Express Moving Van Lines offers to handle as much, or as little of the moving process as you need. We encourage each client to decide their own specific needs and come to us for aid.

We’re happy to streamline the move for you and make it simple and efficient.

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When moving across big distances, things will inevitably go wrong. That’s just the truth of the matter, no matter how good of an expert you are, how much experience you’ve had – things tend to go sideways when there are that many irons in the fire. For that reason alone, it’s worth hiring movers from state to state. They will be there for you when things inevitably break down.

While experience can’t prevent issues from cropping up, it does help greatly when deciding how to go ahead further. Beyond that, two amazing benefits come with hiring professional movers that you won’t get anywhere else: license and insurance.

A license is self-explanatory, it offers you the certainty that the moving company you recruited runs within the law and must satisfy all the moving regulations imposed by the government. While it might sometimes be inconvenient, the primary purpose of those guidelines is to ensure your interests are protected – this is a net positive for you, no matter how you look at it.

On the other hand, insurance means that if you let us do the packing for you, you don’t have to worry about damages. Sure, prized possessions that are unique and you hold dearly are irreplaceable – but we recommend you take them with you during the moving day anyway. No, what insurance does, protects you from the unpleasant surprises and unfortunate realities of having to suddenly spend extra money replacing something you’ve had before. It cuts that stress and unpleasantness and lets you be in a more comfortable headspace, regardless of circumstances.


Sometimes, moving across the state is an impromptu decision – whether spurred by desire or necessity, it can be completely freeing to start a new life practically overnight. Professional movers make sure it starts on the right track, by helping you and your belongings get there, in the shortest amount of time possible, at a flexible date. 

If you need last-minute moving help, when your friends or family might not be available, we’ll be excited to help you get where you need to. We love seeing people embrace new opportunities and change their lives for the better, which is why even our fast-tracked prices are affordable. See for yourself, by getting a free quote online and making your last-minute call, with more information at your disposal. 

Have a tremendous move!

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