The most important thing to do when you move into a new home

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When you are moving houses to a new location, you generally have a lot of things to think about. What affects your full settlement in your new house is usually the things that you do after moving. Instead of unpacking, there are more important tasks that affect your move to a new location. Important things like knowing your new home, understanding its features, and choosing the most important things to do first. These first few tasks are especially important to tackle head-on. It would be great if you do them on time rather than wait for later.

The following list of important things will give you an idea of what to do when you first arrive at your new home.

1) Perform a home walkthrough

After dealing with the moving company, you should know what to do next for your new home. The best chance for you to walk through your home completely is when it is empty. So, it is important that before you begin to unpack your items (many good movers offer packing services), you should walk through the house to have a look around your new home. Along with other things, it is important that you fully check whether:

  • All repairs have been made by the earlier homeowner.
  • Everything paid for in the house is present.
  • Everything in the home (switches, fixtures, outlets, etc.) is in working condition.

2) If necessary, make the home pet/childproof

If you are moving into a new home with kids or pets, the immediate thing to do is to ensure that the house is safe for both the kids and pets. If possible, you should create separate areas that are free of kids which will be used for packing materials to be discarded. Also, conduct other safety checks around the house. Close up all windows, seal every wall/fall hole, and cut off all projecting long cords. Certainly, you should try to hide anything that seems dangerous. Items such as glassware, cleaning supplies, box cutters. They should all be hidden away.

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3) Plan out how you will arrange all items

After your apartment moving, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and stress if you have planned how to unpack and arrange your items. This works well for heavy and big items such as furniture. It is possible that you already have an estimate about how you should properly arrange the room. You will need some time to set up the items in the home to give it its final design appearance. You can create a general plan for this task. This will help simplify your job.

4) Ensure that you set up all utilities

It is important to take care of your home utilities before you move. This is the best time to ensure that your utilities are working properly and have been packed safely. On the day that you move, try to ensure that your utilities like cooling, heating, water, internet, phone, and gas have been properly set up. Once you have seen off your house movers, you can then contact the local waste companies to make sure that you properly dispose of all garbage.

5) Identify the water valve and the fuse box

Soon as you complete your move, it is especially important to quickly find all water valves and fuse boxes. You must find these two fixtures to ensure that you know their positions when the light goes out. Typically, you can easily find the fuse box around the garage, storage room, or basement. Then for the water valve, you can easily find that located somewhere within the perimeter of the house.

6) Thoroughly clean up your new home

Most people who just completed a move might want to wait until the very last minute to clean up their houses. However, the best time to clean your home is right after you complete your move. There are excellent ways to help clean your home easily without breaking a sweat. But, if you feel that you are unable to do the cleaning yourself, you should consider getting commercial cleaners. Whatever way you decide to clean the home, you must begin your stay in your new home while it is clean and fresh. This is how you truly get the impression of having moved to a new home.

7) Prioritize repairing your home

Since you will be moving to a home that has previously been occupied by people, you may be repairing things around the home. It is good to know the general features of the home that needs to be repaired. Then again, it will not hurt if you took out time to move about the home to see what items need fixing. This will help you create a to-do list of all the items in the home that you need to fix. This will help you create a modest home fixing plan that will enable you to get a full picture of all fixtures in the home that need fixing.

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8) Change all the locks in the house

As soon as you move to your new location and you settle in, it is always a clever idea to change up all the locks in the new house. It is always important to change all locks in the home. Someone might have a spare of the old keys and be able to gain access into your new home. This is a great security measure that is intended to keep all the occupants of the home safe.

Therefore, you need to contact a good locksmith to come by the house and fix new locks in the house. Or you could just do it yourself altogether if you are good at DIY projects. Try to relock all the locks in the house – both interior and exterior. You should also change up all the locks in the windows. This is a good measure to ensure a secured and safe home. And the best thing is that it will not cost you much.

9) Change your mailing address

You need to ensure that you notify everyone about your new home address. Let important people around you know your new home address. Everyone needs to know about the address: from your family members, friends, your bank, subscription services, loan providers, and people who often send you bills and correspondence. If you moved over to another state through a house moving company, you might also need to contact the vehicle authorities to get a new personal driver’s license and new vehicle registration.

10) Get to know your new neighbors

You want things between you and your neighbors to be less awkward and friendly. This means that you will need to find an enjoyable time to meet your new neighbors as you move in. It is a lot more helpful when you get to know your neighbors. This will give you the ability to know more about local services around the community. You may not need to move from one door to another, but you must introduce yourself anytime that you meet a neighbor. It pays a lot to be friendly when you first run into your neighbor.

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