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Obviously, for many people, moving houses must be one of the most challenging things they will ever do in their lifetimes. People looking to move their businesses from point A to B have a lot of things to feel concerned about. Instead of looking for kitchen boxes, spoons, and cutlery, you will be looking for file cabinets, PC mouses, documents, server components, and so on. Furthermore, you must ensure that the business moving project does not end up burning a hole in your pocket. Most of the time when you use professional moving services you will be needed to pay for some charges for the van.

Business relocations are supposed to be stress-free and smooth transitions that do not cause any problem. Let us assume that you have safely packed your items and you are ready to hit the road with professional moving services, the following 5 important tips will help you have a stress-free office move.

1) Prepare all the legal moving documents

Relocating a business tends to have more complications than home relocations. In most cases after moving your business to a new location, you will be needed to do a simple address change. Then you need to let all your personal and business contacts know about the new location of your business. It is good to let important people like your lawyers, the accountants, and the IRS know that you have changed your business address.

Also, it is good to ensure that you revise all-important insurance documents. You will also do well to revise your H&S certification. This should be updated and revised before your team begins work on your new location. Consult the solicitor well ahead of the day of the move to help get your papers in order.

2) The new location should support your business growth

When planning business moving projects, professional moving services are not the only things that you worry about. You might still have to consider the fact that your new location should allow your business to expand without much stress. You need to understand how fast your business grows or expands to know what location you choose for the business. If you have just moved to a new location because of growth, it is important to note that you will need to select a new location that supports the future growth of your business several years down the line. Therefore, when selecting this location, you will need to plan and expect the needs of your business in one year. You should carefully choose your new business location to ensure that your business is ready for any more expansions or growth.

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3) Remember to update your business internet connectivity

After using the services of full-service movers for moving your office, you will want to make sure that you restore all your connected services to their working condition. The priority, in this case, is to restore your internet connection to its working condition. This means whether your business is fully dependent on technology or not, you will need to make sure that all communication systems and connections are fully activated and functional the moment that you completely set up your new office. You will need to secure the full activation of your telecom’s connection and your ISP. Call all network providers and let them know that you will be moving offices. This will allow you to help rearrange your network infrastructure before moving into your new office.

4) Ensure that you keep high productivity levels

Office moves can lead to substantial levels of business disruption. Thus, it can be exceedingly difficult to keep the productivity levels of your workforce as they were before your move. Office moving can affect the morale and psyche of the entire workforce. This is due to the disruption of the normal routine operations that the staff is used to. Sometimes, it can feel like starting a new job. However, to easily overcome this brief period of struggle among the workforce, you will need to initiate open and sincere communications.

Listen to the plights of your staff. Try to see whether your move has created the opportunity for your staff to work more productively in a conducive environment. Maybe when you listen to suggestions from your workforce, they will feel engaged, energized, and might be able to help you carry some boxes and so on.

If you are in a business that manufactures things, then you will want to engage in effective logistic planning. You will need to create a plan along with your operators and the floor managers to figure out in advance which one of the machines will be carried out first. For manufacturers looking to move to a different site, they need the services of a moving company that can handle every aspect of an industrial move. This will ensure that you move out your machines the right way. Moving out the equipment in the right sequence helps ensure that you begin your operations after landing in your new business location.

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5) Notify people of your move

If people have no idea about your new address, they will not be able to find your business. Or worse, they could end up going to your competitors. Thus, to help prevent such a scenario, it is important if you contact all important stakeholders to your business and let them know that you have changed the address of your business location. It is best if you distribute electronic newsletters to all regular clients and customers. Be sure to update the details on your company’s website, and your web landing page should also have details of the relocation.

You should try to use your move to get more opportunities and offer improved business services. Let the customer/client know that you are moving just because of them – to deliver quality and first-rate services that are more deserving of them.

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