Tips for moving furniture

Whether you need to rearrange or relocate houses, it is often a big task when you get to moving heavy furniture. The following techniques are simple processes that can be applied to move awkward and heavy items without wrecking the house, the furniture, or your back. Moving heavy furniture by yourself – try not to use your back, but your head.

Moving sofas with professional movers in California

1) Tall items should be carried in an inclined position

Most tall dressers, shelving units, or filing cabinets are difficult to handle. You can move furniture easily if you get two people to carry it. Ensure that it is tipped backwards and inclined. This means that somebody will be handling the top as the other person stays at the bottom. This way, the item’s weight is centered while it is kept from becoming uncontrollable. When you carry the item at an angle, you can move the furniture easily as it is aligned according to the inclination of the stairs.

2) Chairs should be hooked around corners

A large easy home chair can give couch movers a hard time. Rather, try to handle this like professional furniture movers and get the chairs hooked around their corners. Turn out the chair on the sides into an “L” position and carry it with its back first passing the doorway. You can now curl the chair (hook it) within the frame of the door and slip the chair through.

3) Moving your couch in the home: Stand the couches at the end

For couch movers, this could easily be an easy task. However, for the ordinary mover, this can be quite a challenge. Before entering the hallway, have the couch on one side of its end and slide it through the doorway. You should be able to hook this through the door. When it is slightly taller than the opening of the door, but off the door to create a clearance of several inches.

4) Shoulder Dolly for carrying furniture

Just like pro furniture movers, you can decide to use a shoulder dolly – lifting and moving straps. This can help remove the majority of the weight away from your back. It will help you rely and leverage on the efficiency of the support of a group of people. Your hands are also free to be able to control awkward items. But, they seem to be tricky when used on stairs since they seem to completely shift the weights to the mover downhill.

5) Carrying straps for furniture

Try to get lifting straps that you can adjust for objects of different lengths and movers of different sizes. When moving objects around flat surfaces, you can get the moving straps and forearm forklift lift straps. You can easily get these and various other hump straps that are available in both online and physical stores.

6) Opt for sliding things, rather than dragging or carrying them

Many sizes and shapes of furniture slides can be purchased both online and at home centers. You can also easily make sliders by using covers of plastic containers, bedspreads, Frisbees, moving blankets, carpet remnants, and towels. For carpeting, you might want to use plastic and hard sliders. While you should try to use the padded and soft sliders when it comes to the hard flooring.

Moving heavy furniture with professional movers in California

7) Get plastic and blankets to protect furniture

It can become invaluable to move using blankets to protect your items and your house. It could be cheap to rent them, they can be bought for a few dollars and are available in stores. They should always be on hand. To avoid damaging the fragile edges and finishes of the dressers, the tables and other items, wrap your items completely by using moving blankets. Most California movers will usually use a stretch film to secure the moving blanket.

8) Create a sling for mattresses

It can be tough when handling a floppy and heavy mattress. A lot of the mattresses come with handles, but will not help you carry them. The handle is made to help put the mattress in position, and is never strong. A much easier method of carrying the mattress is to make a basic rope sling that will provide control for you and the other carrier. Thread this rope through the handles of the mattress. You should then slip a 5-inch piece of 1 inch PVC pipe on the ends of the rope. You should be able to loop up and tie all ends to help create a comfortable sling grip. Flip over the mattress to move the sling to the bottom.

9) Get a box spring – cut it out and fold it

Do you have a big box spring that finds it difficult to fit around tight corners or in the stairway? You could get a  “split” box spring that has been specifically designed to do this. Or you could cut any old box spring and then fold it up to make it fit. Do you have a box spring that is too large to go around tight corners or to move through your stairway? There are split boxes that can be purchased for this purpose. 

Or you might decide to cut your box spring and try to fold it up until the size fits. Here is an easy and ingenious way of cutting and folding the box spring and not ending up wrecking it. Take off the fabric cover and put the box spring in a face-down position. Pull the mattress cover back through each side and cut the frame through. The cut should be done right or left through the center crosspiece (avoid cutting through this crosspiece). This should be done on the two sides and through the middle. Then like a book, you can now fold up the box spring and get it moved. Stop it from coming open by using a strap to secure it. When trying to put it all back together, you will need to screw up a 1×2 through the center cut of the crosspiece and against the inner parts of the external frame for reinforcement. You can now staple back the covering of the fabric in its place.

10) Prepare its landing position

For people moving houses to a new location, they can plan to choose how to arrange their furniture. Before moving, you should sketch out a floor house plan with the right room measurements. Measure out your furniture, and design your layout. Then while you are moving things, you can simply drop the furniture at the right location and never get to touch them ever again. To make the California movers move furniture easily, you can clip a copy of the house moving plan on the wall. This will help notify the movers in the right position of different furniture.

11) Remove the back from a recliner

Locate the rear brackets at the internal or the external side of the rear frame. You can raise the locking levers at both sides (pliers with long noses can be used for this). You could then slide this back straight up for you to take it off the recliner. Try to always lift your recliner by the sides, instead of lifting with the footrest or the back. Tie up the footrest to stop it from springing open.

Moving heavy objects with professional movers in California

12) Dissemble anything that you can

When trying to get your sofa to move through your doorway, do not forget to reduce the size by taking off the feet. This same principle holds for any furniture item that you plan to make lighter or sleeker. You can make them lighter by taking off all drawers, legs, racks, knobs, and shelves.

13) Remove the molding of the door stop

At times, taking off an extra half-inch is all that is needed for you to pass through your doorway. When taking off your door does not open up a sufficient amount of space, open up your door to prevent molding. This will provide more ¾ inches.

14) Using ramps to lift items up and down

You can try to improvise with scaffold planks, blocks, and lumber to form ramps that can be used to lift items.

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