House Moving

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What Comes Included With Every Move

  • Transparent Prices

    All-inclusive flat rates, low hourly rates for local moves: no taxes, no hidden fees, overtime compensated by the company.

  • Packing Materials

    Free use of Wardrobes, TV boxes, Speed packs. Our crew will be happy to provide full packing assistance when required.

  • Blankets & Plastic

    Moving blankets to protect wood surface furniture. Upholstered furniture will be covered with plastic so it stays clean.

  • Moving Equipment

    Clean moving trucks with liftgates, professional moving dollies. Floor runners and door covers for property protection.

  • Assembly Services

    Every truck is equipped with a toolset, and our movers can provide regular furniture assembly services on daily basis..

  • What else is included?

    Basic coverage. No additional fees for stairs, long hallways, hoisting. No mileage/gas fees for moves under 10 miles.

Have questions ? Well, we have answers !

For your reassurance, California Express maintains all Insurance Documentation at the highest level to protect all parties involved. Every moving service is covered by Cargo Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, General Liability, PL PD, BIPD, Limited Liability, Basic Coverage, etc. California Express is a licensed and insured moving company based in California with an active moving permit issued by the Service Division of Household Mover and Bureau of Household Goods. We also regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Public Utility Commission. All moving trucks are 365 days monitored by California Highway Patrol and US Department of Transportation.
At California Express, we recognize that people like knowing the moving cost upfront since it helps for budgeting. We provide both options for all local and long-distance moves: a) Affordable all-inclusive hourly rates for local moves: Pros: pay for the actual time, more accessible and quicker to set up an appointment; the way to minimize moving costs is to be pre-packed, to arrange close parking space for the moving truck, to reserve an elevator, etc. It is the most popular option on the market for local relocations. Cons: time duration is subjective - there's a chance you're over or underestimating move time duration; moving companies can apply additional charges for the packing supplies, travel distance, extra heavy items, stairs, long walks. The likelihood of damages and injuries are correlated when preparation is too rushed, and movers are running to perform the move quicker been panicked by the customer trying to save time. b) Flat rate based on complete details: Pros: one move - one price, upfront cost; no worries about any additional fees, movers aren't rushing - lees chances for the damages and injuries. Overall, more satisfying moving experience. By the way, it is easy to submit all moving details on your account page (created automatically as soon as a moving quote has been requested). Cons: often, a flat-rate move is priced higher than hourly moving; requires entire inventory and all associated moving details: elevator, stairs, walking distance, packing services. For your convenience, one of our dispatchers will be happy to perform a 5-15 minute visual examination to provide you with solid calculations (Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet). The advantage of the flat rate is there are no surprises. The benefit of the hourly rates is they could be lower than the flat rate but also higher. It is truly tricky to be confident about every moving project because moving is not an exact science. That is why we try to give our customers as many tools and options as it is possible. We will move you quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible, and we are entirely open regarding which pricing framework you prefer.
The policy of our company is not to have any hidden fees or costs. The rate that we’ll provide to you includes everything.
Our team is trained to finish the move as fast as possible. Anyway, there are some ways to accelerate it. If you’ll pack your belongings by yourself, and place them in one space that will really help us. Keeping away kids and pets also will shorten the time of the move.
The customer pays just for the work time. During the cigarette or lunch breaks, the crew stops to calculate the time.

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