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Our company has offices and parking lots over the main cities like Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, San Jose and Irvin. We are providing different types of services like: relocating, packing, loading help etc. Our customers know, that hiring our moving company is an advantage, because of our high quality standards, we train our own movers, have strong protocols and never leave our customers unhappy.

What is local move?

We can surely qualify a move as local one if the mileage of the move not exceeds 100 miles and doesn’t across the borders of California. A relevant example of a move we can do are: Los Angeles to San Diego, and others that don’t overestimate a distance of 100 miles, short distance moves within the same zip code. If for reaching the location where you want to move to (within borders of California), is required to ride more than 100 miles yet, it is good to be known more details. All the moves that cross state borders are considered long distance move. To be acquainted with California local moves, please access our local move page.

How local moves charging differs from long distance moves charging

The rate for local moves mainly depends on the crew size, the time it takes to move your belongings, and the travel time between your pick-up and drop-off addresses. Visit our website and click on calendar for more pricing information. 

The cost of long distance moves especially with interstate movers mostly based on the amount and weight of your belongings, packing materials (if needed), drive time between addresses, parking and internal layout situation. Due to the unique variables of each move, carriers are not permitted to guess hard estimates without full details. 

What Comes Included With Every Move

  • Transparent Prices

    All-inclusive flat rates, low hourly rates for local moves: no taxes, no hidden fees, overtime compensated by the company.

  • Packing Materials

    Free use of Wardrobes, TV boxes, Speed packs. Our crew will be happy to provide full packing assistance when required.

  • Blankets & Plastic

    Moving blankets to protect wood surface furniture. Upholstered furniture will be covered with plastic so it stays clean.

  • Moving Equipment

    Clean moving trucks with liftgates, professional moving dollies. Floor runners and door covers for property protection.

  • Assembly Services

    Every truck is equipped with a toolset, and our movers can provide regular furniture assembly services on daily basis..

  • What else is included?

    Basic coverage. No additional fees for stairs, long hallways, hoisting. No mileage/gas fees for moves under 10 miles.

Our services:

  • We do offer hourly rate and even “not to exceed” flat rate for local moves, if you do not want to warry about the quantity of hours your job might take
  • Professional movers, well trained and educated strong guys, that will deal with your belongings with care and with no prolongation of the total time. 
  • Fully equipped truck, that consists of all types of packing materials and all the needed tools to help you out with your family
  • Nice rates, we never go too high, we know that moving is always stressful and we would like to keep our customers calm with no headaches 
  • New trucks, uniform and mood always
  • One of the most important things – transparent pricing, no hidden fees, no extra charges, you will never have any kind of surprises in the end
Need some boxes to use? Lets make it free of charge

We provided different types of boxes absolutely for free on the day of the move, as they come to be reusable packing materials, we take them back after the move is finished, but if the customer wants to keep some, we are always ready to sell it with no extra profit.

How to make it easier and quicker?

While talking with one of our professional customer support representatives, please do not forget to provide all the needed/important information:

  1. The size of the move
  2. What extra heavy items you would like to move: pianos, pool tables, huge grills etc.
  3. Artworks, glass and ceramic items, pictures and other extra fragile items should be mentioned too
  4. What is the parking situation near your pick-up and drop-off addresses
  5. Are there any elevators or just stairs? 
  6. Do not forget to check with your building management if you need an additional/specific Certificate of Insurance 
  7. How long are the hole ways? What is the distance between the elevator and the apartment door and etc.
  8. If you are moving to/out of storage facility, get the information regarding its working hours or specific conditions for moving companies 
Orange County

Try an easy, pleasant move to Orange County by using our professional crew. Usually, every move is a stressful, long process, and that is why our team from Orange County is trained to make your moving project as smooth and easy as possible. 

First of all, we have an individual approach to every move, based on your budget. We are also proud to announce that our company doesn’t have any additional fees or costs. 

All our movers in Orange County (just like in other counties) are very well motivated and trained professionals. Our team is involved in permanent training programs which allow us to provide the highest standrats services and offer our customers a pleasant moving experience. 

Bay Area

Bay Area is the place that has lots of what to offer, and here we mean not just San Francisco or Silicon Valley. If you had chosen for your new home a hustling city like San Jose or San Francisco or if you prefer a quiet life in the East and North Bay, our company is the one that will gladly help you to bring your belongings to a new place.

We have huge experience in operating in California, and if you assign us your move you can be sure that everything will be done safely and professionally.

Bay Area is well known for the fact that anyone can find something interesting for himself. For those who are looking for career opportunities, Silicon Valley is the best choice, being the region where lots of high-tech companies have their headquarters. In case you wish to be always in the middle of a never-sleeping city you might choose San Francisco, Oakland, or Berkley.

In short, everyone can find something interesting for himself in Bay Area.

We will carry out your moving project in the best conditions. you. We are specialized in relocating moving services. Our company offers packing help, storage units, on-site relocations, and customized moving support services.

Our Movers in Bay Area are known for its qualitative services. If you choose trek Movers, you can be sure that your move will be made fast and carefully.

We are active in this market since 2017. If you choose our moving company, you can be sure that your move will be done in excellent conditions due to our professional team.

You can always check the reviews about our company. We try to leave our clients always satisfied, and that fact is reflected in our 5-star rating. Don’t hesitate to contact us for getting a quote and discuss details regarding your move.

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