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Moving is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, experience exciting new environments, and put yourself in circumstances that could bring out the best in you. Moving is most often the vehicle of change most people appeal to when it’s obvious that one is necessary. Reflecting a change in the outside lets most people probe deeper inside, and figure out who they would rather be.

Sometimes, moving – or changing – is an express affair. Sometimes, it requires a quick response and even quicker organization. Difficult in practice, but not at all unrealistic. When it comes to moving on the same day as you’ve decided, it’s good to have a trustworthy expert on hand. Express Moving Van Lines is the California moving company to be that expert for you. Here’s how:

Moving heavy furniture in the same day


Price is one of the largest considerations when it comes to same-day movers. After all, doing the job that’s typically done in months, in a day or two, is infeasible right? Necessitates a herculean effort? Not always. It can depend on circumstances, and be helpful to have a strong motivating factor in getting things done. There are a lot of moving details, so many that getting them all right every single time is practically impossible – and things are going to go off the tracks, regardless of how much you’re going to plan.

In that sense, a move that happens at the last minute is the perfect way of triaging your current life, figuring out your essential belongings, and getting yourself into a better situation. We’re here to help with precisely that. We’re a team of experienced experts with an excessive amount of knowledge on how difficult moves can be – that’s why we’re not going to be aiming to make it any more difficult on you. If you’ve got pets, family members you need to take care of or are simply tangled up in further business, know that you can rely on us to complete the move successfully. At an excellent rate, no less. 

While it might depend on the specifics of the move, we’re the last-minute movers you need, and we’ll make it work for you. Budgeting, service deliberation, and excellent customer experience will all slingshot your move into the high-priority range, making your life simpler as a result.

Inner-city moves

If you’re moving across a small distance, you’ll need the help of movers to take the load off. After all, if you’re suddenly finding yourself face-to-face with an unwinnable situation, you likely don’t have the luxury of taking off an entire day, much less a week, to get everything prepared for the move. That’s why, just in time, Express Moving Van Lines is here to aid you in your time of need. We’re here to make your short-distance moves elementary. Forget packing your fine china into your car, or trying to fit rugs in there – you’re risking a fine, losing the items, or them breaking along the way.

Rushing ahead is the best way of making mistakes. The slow and steady approach of professional movers is just what you need to make sure no further things go wrong. Think of it as cost reduction – sure, if you do the move yourself, you might be able to get away with paying less at the end of the day. But, realistically, moving on a short timeframe, with a lot on your plate and no time to organize is more likely to break something or see you injured along the way. Moving is a physically and mentally taxing task, and doing it on short notice, under pressure, is the easiest way of getting yourself into hot water.

Same day movers have no such issues – they’ll happily do what they do best, what they have been doing for years if not decades, and help you be on your way, more self-assured and relaxed than you’d ever be otherwise. So, if your lease is suddenly up with no renewal, you know who you should call.

Quality services

Here at Express Moving Van Lines, we recognize the importance customer relations holds to any business nowadays. Furthermore, we are and have always been interested in your successful move, primarily. It’s our bread and butter, after all, so moving you effortlessly across large distances, even on short notice, is something we manage to take pride in. Before you search for “same day movers near me” consider the quality of the services you’ll be receiving.

With Express Moving Van Lines, we have a proven record of accomplishment, reliable testimonials you’re free to check for yourself, and 100% the reason to do our best. Our reputation is how we got by until now, and we prize it highly, but not higher than your successful move and excellent experience during it.

So, regardless of circumstance, be careful not to rush your decision in choosing the right same-day moving company. You’re more than your problems, so now is not the time to give in to the pressure surrounding you. Make the best decisions you can, with all the information available at your disposal. We’ll be waiting for your call.

Emergency movers

If you’re finding yourself in a suddenly tough situation, or have an urgent reason, don’t wait! Move as soon as possible into a place where you can plan out your further moves. It’s a highly serious matter that you shield yourself and others as much as possible. We’ll help, and listen to your concerns, as well as accommodate any needs or desires as much as possible. 

Organization can always be ironed out after the fact – moving you takes precedence, and our trustworthy, reliable teams of experts will make sure of it. 

Get the best price quotes by contacting us directly on our website, over the phone, or shooting an email, detailing your request. The sooner you contact us, the faster we can realize your move in its fullness, and figure out where to go from there. We’re the short notice movers you were looking for – don’t wait.

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