Storage and Moving

Planning on moving a lot of things? Storage services are your best bet on making the most out of your move in a way that preserves everything and keeps it somewhere secure. Moving without a storage choice is typically a bad idea for the following reasons:

  • Organizational issues – if there’s an error somewhere, and you must delay the move, you need to store your items somewhere. The best place to store them is in a specialized storage container.
  • Long-distance moving – when moving long-distance, you might want to employ different companies for different segments of the move. Alternatively, it might be necessary to transport your belongings from one segment to another, and that can require an overnight stop. Having the ability to store your items safely, makes everything simpler and more efficient.
  • Time delays – if you know there’s some time between when you will move out and move in, a storage container is your best bet for a simpler, more effective storage choice than practically anything.

Now that you see how crucial storage can be while moving, what can you do about it? Well, besides looking specifically for moving companies with temporary storage, there are a lot of added things to consider.

Packing stuff for moving out

Level and type of service

Some moving companies own the storage units themselves and offer optional storage as part of the package deal. It’s simple, efficient, and usually worth it. Bulk deals tend to be that way. It’s the perfect choice for a hands-free, utterly reliable move that will see you come out fully on top at the end of the day.

Another approach is simply renting out the storage boxes yourself. Typically, this is recommended only for the heavily independent, and experienced people out there, as this can be significantly challenging and is extremely easy to be more trouble than it’s worth. However, Express Moving Van Lines is more than happy to supply our storage units for a price. 

Partial service – this typically includes storage-aware packing. It deserves a mention, as, unlike other companies supplying packing and movers out there, we recognize that there are unique advantages to packing for storage that is lost otherwise. Making sure everything stays together during the move is important, however, moving is typically a short-term endeavor. Packing everything in such a way as to both save time, make handling easy, as well as help good storage for a prolonged period is no easy task, and requires special attention. Luckily, Express Moving Van Lines can help with it: from supplying a complete inventory of your belongings, to drop-off and pick-up services, we’re able to transform your storage units into a second limb.


No discussion of storage organization is complete without addressing the elephant in the room, namely, security. Trusting your movers for a day is one thing, leaving your belongings unattended for more might be stressful, scary, or at least leave you confused as to why would you want that. However, here’s why:

  • Monitoring systems and alarms on site. It’s simple to see how this should already help with any worries that someone could potentially break in and steal your belongings. But in fact, stealing from storage places tends to be far less rewarding for the average criminal than you might think. There are a lot of security measures in place, not the least of which involve the iron-wrought locks and the strong bulk of the storage objects themselves. 
  • Fire safety and detection measures. As all of the storage we work with have complete regulations in place that will prevent any incidental environmental damage, you can rest easy knowing your items are in safe hands.
  • In-person checking. Professional security personnel will oversee the area where the storage holding your belongings is stored. Any disruption will be at once notified to the proper authorities and be dealt with swiftly. 

Extra benefits

Here at Express Moving Van Lines we can’t help but go the extra mile. We want what is the most beneficial for our clients, so there is an added slew of benefits when choosing us. For the biggest part, you will be working with our customer interaction experts, which can provide you with a seamless and completely effortless experience of interacting with your belongings. Naturally, this service is available at any point you choose, and there are various levels of access available for you and the people you specify. 

We’re storage unit movers who care, which is why you’ll be getting the absolute best treatment during your stay. Our storage units have the simple property of being invaluable during transportation in case something comes up. If the issue is on our side, we will readily deal with it and store your belongings for the duration, at no added expense. In any other case, we will resolve with you the best path forward and ensure your complete and total satisfaction.

The climate inside the storage units is fully adjustable and we make sure that your belongings are stored at the exact parameters you say. We’re a California moving company excelling at the basics of moving – with a lot to offer on the peripherals. With us, moving is a breeze.

Ask us!

Is there anything not covered during this segment that you would love to find out for yourself? We would love the opportunity to answer any questions, inquiries or perhaps even offer you a quote, should you be so inclined. The Storage and Moving services discussed above are but a scratch on the surface of what we can provide. Simply tell us your intentions, desires, and requirements and we’ll handle the rest.

Everything from reassembling furniture, long-term storage, or disconnecting equipment are all things we’re fully capable of doing and we’d like to talk more about it!

Express Moving Van Lines is looking forward to having our trustworthy, reliable experts provide you with the moving experience you’re never going to forget. Choose your service, tailored to your unique needs. Work with us to provide you with a quote that works best for all and learn to enjoy the amazing benefits that a simple storage unit can bring during the tumultuous period of moving. We can’t wait to connect.

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