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When looking to expand your business, a strategic relocation or expansion of the physical space it occupies can be the perfect vector for moving forward. By having more places at your disposal, not only do you make room for new workers, new sections, different perspectives, and opportunities – you also have a chance to redesign. When it comes to businesses, processes can often become physically entrenched in the physical space – once something becomes habitual, it ceases to be as thoroughly inspected.

Moving your office is the ideal way of reorganizing and taking a good hard look at your business’ current modus operandi, and extracting the nuggets of gold from it while discarding the rest. Naturally, you need a trustworthy partner in moving, that will help you concentrate on what works. That’s where we come in – your premier business moving enterprise, Express Moving Van Lines. We’re here to ensure your move goes off without a hitch, productivity is at an all-time high and the visionaries have the necessary space to process the changes happening to find out the perfect trajectory forward.

Express Moving Van Lines has extensive experience with moving offices or other commercially designed spaces, a feat which we can achieve with efficacy and ease. No longer should you have to worry personally about the organization, delegation, and the workings of moving – leave it up to trustworthy experts to get the job done.

Office movers in California

Satisfaction is the primary goal

As you may know, staying in business is tough. Moving is a highly competitive business, and that’s why the only reason for our longevity is our ability to put our all into the moving process and help you come out on top. That’s right, we dedicate ourselves tirelessly to put out the best possible moving experience, and we do so while keeping an eye on the competition, to ensure we outrank their services in multiple departments.

The only way to keep on top of other California movers is by doing our job the best way possible, in a way that our actions should speak for themselves. We value primarily your satisfaction with the job, and we will accept no compromise or metric which dips any lower than that.

Be confident in the notion that, once you hire us, you will receive the full moving service your organization deserves – from stacking file cabinets to packing and cleaning up the place, we do it all. With pride, as there is nothing more satisfying than producing the absolute best result.


Commercial moving of all kinds tends to be on a rigid schedule. We understand that and incorporate it into our planning and routines. Your move will go off without a hitch, otherwise, the contract itself will specify what happens. Get the best value for your money, with commercial movers who understand the unique needs and requirements of your business, and are ready to deliver an experience that is hard to match with traditional movers or even moving by yourself.

Our broad choice of vehicles, tools, and moving utensils guarantees that time will be of no concern, as having the right equipment, in the right hands, makes the move happen effortlessly. The secret ingredient is experience. We have been around for a while, enough to understand what makes the moving tick and how to take advantage of key phrases in ways that our competition lacks. As a result, we can support a highly competitive, often faster time for office moves all around California. It’s a great deal for anyone who’s partially in a rush or is otherwise aiming to get up and start as soon as possible.


When moving, you ultimately want to be able to trust the people you’re moving with. Regardless of circumstance or feat, you need to be able to rely on them, otherwise, none of this will work out smoothly. That’s why, to ensure a seamless office move, we employ dedicated and personalized moving guides, or leaders, which will serve as the convenient intermediary between the people doing the moving and your interests. Communication is their strongest suit, and translating needs and desires is what needs to be done to ensure all parties come to a satisfying conclusion.

However, not only will you have someone to meet with directly, should you wish to, at any point during the moving process, including after – but you will have the added benefit of transparent quotes. Having a transparent quoting system isn’t a novel invention, however, it’s still surprisingly rare in our industry. Given that we’re able to offer competitive rates, without indulging in vices such as adding hidden fees, we feel entirely at ease in opening the internal economic workings of where your money goes. It’s only based on our trust and respect for our customers, which becomes mutual with time, so that they may make better choices at the end of the day.

Ultimately, we’re a team of office movers who care. We deeply want your business to succeed, in this move and outside of it. Move without fear, worry, or stress, and enjoy the benefits that come with a newly motivated, highly enthusiastic team on your side, after the move. 

Our movers are experienced, we’re insured, licensed, and prioritize your experience above all. We protect the full value of your items, and gladly offer to pack them all in a way that guarantees their integrity – or you get your money back. Moves don’t have to be difficult challenges that take gray hairs to figure out.

Rather, they’re novel experiences that have a chance to enrich your day-to-day life, by supplying a refreshing change of pace and environment and bolstering the morale of your coworkers and team members. That’s why we’re here – that’s why we aim to supply the best imaginable moving service around. We understand the importance of moving on a stress-free mind, where you’re able to come up with your best ideas and chart the best part forward. Being a leader isn’t easy, and the best ones know when it’s time to ask for a bit of help. What kind of leader will you be?

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